Nutrition Facts

February 26, 2008

The Most Common Misconception about Calories and Kilocalories Explained

Calorie is the non-SI unit of measurement for energy. The SI unit of measurement for energy is joule. There are two types of calories: Small calorie […]
February 11, 2008

Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain – Related!

Do you know that a recent research showed that using artificial sweeteners might be related to weight gain? Amazing isn’t it? The research was conducted by […]
September 8, 2007

Importance of Eating Breakfast – For and Against

Everybody knows the old saying: “Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper.” I am not sure if everybody realizes […]
August 3, 2007

Fibers and Fiber Rich Foods – all you need to know

In this article I will reveal some little known facts about fibers and the beneficial effects of fiber rich foods over one’s body. What is fiber […]
July 19, 2007

Antioxidants – All You Need to Know

What are antioxidants? Antioxidants are chemicals substances that can halt oxidation in body cells. Oxidation causes chemical damages to body cells’ components, and for that reason […]
July 5, 2007

Dates Nutrition – Best for Dieting

Dates nutrition for dieting- who could ever believe this extremely sweet dried fruit to be beneficial for dieters. I certainly did not at first, but then […]
June 3, 2006
honey for fat loss

Benefits of Honey for Fat Loss

Have you heard of the Honey Diet? It allows you to burn fat while you sleep. You won’t believe how easy it is! The Honey diet […]
April 29, 2006
health benefits of cinnamon - miracle in a half teaspoon

Cinnamon – a miracle in a half teaspoon

Cinnamon is an evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka and Southern India. Its bark is very commonly used as the spice we all know as cinnamon. […]
April 14, 2006

Beans – the most popular and common types of beans Part IV

Go to most common types of bean Part I, Part II and Part III Peas (Pisum sativum) Fresh peas Edible-podded peas – mangetout, sugar peas, snap […]